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About Us


HR Nepal was established in 2006 with the sole objective of providing quality services in recruitment, business consultant, training, human resource management and development. Since then, the company has grown organically into a specialist provider of permanent, contract, temporary, outsourced recruitment solutions and human resource consulting. With more than two decades of experience, we operate across the public and private sectors, dealing from permanent positions, contract roles to temporary assignments. Assisting job seekers and employers, HR Nepal’s regional expertise spans across the Asia Pacific region. Our aim is to give employer’s quality human resource solutions and individual candidates’ greater opportunities to succeed in their careers through a broad range of contacts and value-added expertise. We have succeeded in transforming a conventional business concept into one that embraces technology, without sacrificing that all-important personal touch.

Our company can provide both permanent and temporary employees from a wide range of professions and industries. Our recruiters get to know each candidate, and then expertly match them to positions in a variety of industries from food service to welding, production to electrical engineering.

As our employer partner, you will work with a dedicated account manager, so you have one go-to person to help with your staffing needs. Beyond pairing our clients with great candidates, we also offer other additional services depending on the needs of our partners. Some examples include education and license verification and reference checks.

At HR Nepal, we are passionate about people and our commitment to service excellence speaks for itself. Whether you are an employer looking for ideal candidates, or a candidate looking for the perfect job, contact HR Nepal today for more information or to complete an application. A great working relationship is waiting for you, and HR Nepal is here to help!


Focus on your business. Leave the staffing challenges to us.

At HR Nepal, your business is our business. When your business needs extend out of your key competencies, we will provide the expertise, and resources to meet your specific needs. Having spent over a decade in the business, we understand how the entire recruitment process works. Over  the years, we had helped clients attract and retain their talent and saved them considerable effort, time and money.

At HR Nepal, we understand that every core business is different. We offer scalable and customisable solutions to address your specific business and HR needs. Such modules could include models, training and recruitment programmes. With these modules taken care of, you can focus on what matters most – your core competencies and businesses.

Atlas Professional Search candidates are thoroughly screened. We verify all education and licensure, verify references, screen employees for job match and fitness, and assess and validate skills.

We also determine the unique needs of your company, taking into account the position’s requirements, your company’s culture, and your timeline. We offer a variety of staffing services, a wide range of recruiting resources, and experienced professionals whose priority and primary objective is to help you achieve your staffing goals.

Contact us for more information on how HR Nepal’s services can help you.


Find a job that fits your skills and build your career.

HR Nepal provides a comprehensive solution for employers that focuses on adding value to the customer while respecting the dignity and worth of every staffing associate. Our innovative staffing solutions bring a balanced, fresh approach to the customer, staffing vendor, and staffing associate relationship.

Are you looking for flexible options? We are committed to partnering with our clients and creating solutions that work for you, HR Nepal, and the staffing associate. HR Nepal is an established recruitment agency of more than 13 years. We have helped thousands of candidates with their job search. 

Thank you for giving HR Nepal the opportunity to help you search for a new career. As it is our aim to remain the Preferred Human Resource Consultant of choice, we assure you of our best efforts to secure for you the most appropriate positions with our clients, be it permanent, contract or a temporary appointment.